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I’ve been in New York visiting my sister and her girlfriend. I haven’t visited any beads stores (can you imagine?) but one fun thing I wanted to do this trip other than visit family was go to Mood. If you are a fan of the show Project Runway, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  During a recent episode, my mother, who also makes jewelry and frequently uses buttons as clasps, said dreamily, “Wouldn’t you love to see that button wall?”  When we realized I would be able to in a month or so, it was pretty exciting. I put that on my New York agenda.


Noel, from the button counter, was very nice and helpful.  I was organized; I pulled out my pad, cast my eagle eye over the three large button areas and made a list of everything I wanted to see.  My sister was the box holder/carrier and took them to the button counter.  Then Noel opened them all for me to see and choose.  Great service!  I was shopping for my mom and dad too.  It’s so stressful to shop for others.  I don’ t think I bought them enough, but I tried.


Beautiful painted coconut buttons.


Metal frame type buttons, bone, and I couldn’t resist this Keep Calm and Carry On.


These Mother of Pearl buttons were difficult to photograph.  The one thing I wish I would have looked at more were the MOP.  I noticed a few boxes I hadn’t seen when my order was being tallied.  I have a limited shopping (in public) attention span, so I just had to keep moving.


A few nice enamel buttons.


A couple of colorful plastic buttons.  My sister had originally pointed out some mosaic buttons that I think might have been a different material.  They were the only ones I couldn’t find on second pass (unless these were it.)


Wood buttons. I love the toggles.


Fancy Swarovski buttons.  It was hard to get a good picture of these.


Colorful plastic shank beads.


I’ve also been seeing a lot of these pins in use lately, so I got a few.

Another thing I asked my sister for is some foreign coins.  She travels and often has left over coins after a trip.  I love Niky Sayers‘ work with coins, so despite my lack of skill in this area, I have big dreams.  She let me comb through her jar, and I got some lovely specimens.


Swatch (who wasn’t on site at Mood, so I took a photo of his portrait) and I say thanks for visiting!