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Today is the reveal for the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge – Autumn Fire edition. Challenge kits are put together by artist Andrew Thornton and consist of a variety of fun beads along with one or more Mystery Components hand made by Andrew.  Here is a picture of the kit.


Look at it!  Such delicious colors, a double strand of chip beads in case I decide to make something long and luxurious, browns, umbers, oranges, yellows!  I love it. And then there is the Mystery Component.


I’ve managed to capture a little bit of the sparkly vibrance of these blowing leaves. It really represents my favorite kind of autumn day.

First up, I made a necklace with some of the strand of chip beads and some of the tubes from the kit. This reveal, I thought I’d try showing one of my sketches with the piece it became.


I didn’t know where to find (or maybe I don’t even have) the multicolor fall toned spacers I was thinking of, but I had these apple green seed beads on my table, so I used those. The seed beads that came with the kit were slightly bigger, plus, I’ll be honest, I love the color, so I’m sort of hoarding them.


I added some great paper beads I got from Passion for Paper Beads on etsy a couple years ago. I like that beads wait around until they find a project that is right for them. Then I added three cool beads from the kit at the back of the necklace just for fun. I’m very pleased with this.

Then I made a couple pairs of earrings.  First with these tabs I loved from the kit and immediately decided to make into earrings. The shape reminds me of Elaine Ray’s beads for some reason.  (She’s retired from bead making now.)


Then I decided to make some earrings with more of the chips and two of the faceted yellow beads which I love! When I was sketching, I had noted wanting to use some pop, like sparkle or color, between the chips. So I used some of the sequins from the kit!


I really think these turned out pretty and fun. I moved on to another necklace. I was inspired by this fiber necklace on Pinterest.  I had a variety of ideas, but decided to use the Mystery Component with a variety of beads from the kit and three vintage plastic discs, a bi-colored old wooden round and a textured yellow ceramic bead by Kristie of Artisan Clay.


Next I decided to make a bracelet with some of the chunky plastic beads.  I am very inspired by Lorelei Eurto’s jewelry, and I was looking at this bracelet in particular. If you visit the blog post it is from, you can see she used a premium mix from Allegory Gallery, similar to the Luxury Blends that are included in challenge kits!


I used three of the juicy orange marbled plastic beads from the kit along with an orange, turquoise and olive bead by Yvonne Irvin-Faus of My Elements on one side.  On the other side, I used beads from the kit, my stash and more goodies from the My Elements shop.

Then I wanted to make something completely different – a bookmark!  I’ve wanted to make one since I saw them on Erin Siegel’s blog. She did a tutorial of the bookmark using art beads on Art Bead Scene.  This was a really fun one.


This was a very, very fun kit and challenge! Thank you William, Andrew and Allegory Gallery! If you’d like to see more creations from this kit, please visit the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Facebook page to see what other participants made.