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Today is the reveal for Allegory Gallery’s Magic Potion Special Challenge reveal. I love everything about this kit, even the picture above.  Artist Andrew Thornton puts together these kits for the challenges, and I actually remembered to take a picture of the kit this time.


I also managed to get a picture of the Mystery Components.  Andrew always includes at least one hand made Mystery Component in the kits.  This time there were multiple.


These colors are just glorious, and I was very inspired, as I always am with Allegory Gallery challenge kits.  However, I didn’t get much made due to various things going on.


However, this just means that I have a fabulous ton of beads left to make wonderful things in the future!  I really like this tassel look, although originally I planned to use some of the pretty crystals in the kit at the ends of the chain, so I might still do that.  We’ll see.  The picture makes it look gold, but the dangle chain is silver.

Please visit the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Facebook page to see what other people have made with their kits!  Thanks, as always, to William and Andrew of Allegory Gallery for hosting these wonderful challenges.