I was sort of mooning around a lot in the studio today because I wasn’t inspired, and I just hate that because I generally only make things on weekends.  So if I didn’t make something today, it would be another week! Finally, I went up there to try something inspired by a necklace I pinned by Miss Fickle Media.  Of course I didn’t end up making anything like it, but I found these hammered quartz beads in blue grey with wonderful flash that I’ve been hoarding from that shop for a while and decided to try them with some pearls that also have a lot of color.


This picture is kind of dark, but that seemed to be the only way I could get the flash and the color.  I really wanted to use this vintage rhinestone clasp (that doesn’t show at all) but I needed something to go with the hook that would be secure.  I finally found this hammered, asymmetrical silver piece.  It’s kind of jury-rigged, so I might have to modify it to make sure it is secure.

But I love how the quartz and pearls look together, so luxurious.  The pearls are big and gorgeous, and have wonderful color, just like the quartz.  I might just change out the clasp all together, but I really wanted one that looked special. The rhinestone does to me, but I’m not sure about the rest. Let me know what you think.