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Today’s necklace is so simple but still just lovely.  This is what is great about art beads; it doesn’t take much to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry because you are using art as your material!

I went up to my studio and was sort of mooning around.  I had left the challenge kit I was going to look at downstairs, and I could have gone to get it, but I couldn’t see getting anything done because my bead table was already so messy.  I know many artists who say they thrive in the mess, but I just become distracted.  I have my “try what is on the table” aesthetic, but if there is too much on the table, I don’t know what to look at first!

However, while I was looking for the challenge kit, I opened a box of beads from Staci Louise Smith. I got this fabulous spike bead from her with the most wonderful colors.  Also sitting on my bead table was some hand dyed suede cord from Shipwreck Dandy Supply in rustic raspberry orchid, the most perfect color for the spike.  I wanted to just have it be very un-fussy, and I’ve always liked those adjustable closures, so I looked for a bead with the right size hole.  Once I found it, I worried that the necklace could still get caught on something and get yanked off (believe me, it would happen) so I put little purple wire wraps on the ends.


So simple but just what I wanted for this spike.  I’m very pleased with it.  I also love that it is adjustable for different necklines.  Maybe I’ll start a periodic blog feature called “Simple Sundays” because I find myself making simple jewelry more often lately.  I’ve given up the idea that more complex always means better.