Over the years, I’ve noticed that jewelry styles and bead types that I’ve liked in the past are still things I like now.  The difference is that in the past I couldn’t get as close to my vision because lacked technical knowledge and access to different materials.  As my knowledge has grown, it’s fun to look back and see hints of what was to come. I’ll look at a necklace I made way back when, understand what the vision was, and be able to make a better version of it now. Fun!

I am absolutely enthralled with the beads made by Kathrin Kneidl available in her shop Donna Perlinplim. (The shop has a 40% off sale on until 9/30/16 – check the shop announcement if you visit.)  Many of her things have a certain 1970s DIY vibe.  I remember, while growing up in the 1970s, my parents delving into a variety of crafts – batik, wood burning, decoupage, and more.  So not only are her wares beautiful, but they feel like home to me.  Here is one set of her beads I have.


When I got these, they reminded me of something. I’ve had this bead comparison rattling around in my brain for a while and decided to write about it today.  Another theme I notice in my life is not being able to find things when I need them.  This happens on my bead table, it happens at work when I’m constantly searching for notes on my messy desk.  I need a better plan!  But I’m going to make it work.  (I’m watching a lot of Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars lately!) I have a small bag of these beads, but could only find three I had on a necklace now that I need them! I’ve had these since I was a kid.


Do you see the similarities to the art beads?  I don’t know where these came from.  My first memory of them is a necklace that I put on a stuffed animal cat made from an old quilt that I got from my parents’ antiques store.


I like the idea that perhaps our style is with us from the beginning but can grow and mature and deepen over time.

Do you find yourself liking some of the same style themes you did when you were younger?  Or have you made a total change?