I continue to try to use some of my stash as well as put away and clean up everything in my studio so it’s all organized.  I waver between the two, sometimes starting a project, pausing to put away some beads and supplies, and then going back to work.  I just enjoy being in the studio.  I do want to make more work space so I can try some new things, though.  So here are a few beads out of the way.

I have had this Gaea coffee pendant for a while.  One of the great pleasures in my life is my morning cup of coffee, so I love this pendant.  I wanted to make it into a simple necklace with some pretty beads, and I found the right ones in this strand of faceted tiger’s eye.  The picture doesn’t do them justice; they have so many beautiful colors!

BeadLove - Gaea coffee

I also had a variety of large hole irregular glass beads I really love. I had this idea to cascade them down the front of a necklace on large jump rings.  I used some old glass cubes and some rondelles that happened to be in the bag with the large holes beads for the strand. Part of my design aesthetic is “try whatever happens to be nearby.”

BeadLove - large hole glass necklace

I also started another necklace I’ve had in mind for a while, but I might have to do a little research to see how to make it work out the way I want.  I’ll spend some time on that and more on putting things away and organizing. I need to do another haul getting rid of stuff.  There’s just not enough room for everything if I want to have space for trying new things.