I couldn’t think of a title for this post, so I just called it what it is.  I had in mind a post called “In the Pink” because I made the pink necklace first and was in the process of making another one that had a fair amount of pink, but I got distracted and made something else.  The pinkish necklace is going to have to wait because next I’m going to work on something for a blog hop.

Anyway, I got this strand of pink striped vintage glass lentils at the same time I got some gorgeous large rose quartz simple cut beads. I really love the simple cut.  When I was putting things away, I saw them together and thought, “Bingo!” I decided to put some little crystals between the quartz for added sparkle and some yellow seed beads in the strand for a pop of another color. I’ve always loved beads that looks like candy, and I think the striped beads do, and next to them the rose quartz is very rock candy.

BeadLove - pink candy necklace

Then I was trolling Pinterest and saw that I’ve pinned many long bohemian beaded necklaces with tassels.  I quickly sketched a design of one with a turquoise connector and a little tassel by swoondimples with a metal band stamped “Lucky”.

BeadLove - Lucky tassel close 2

I added some rustic metal, African glass, vinyl disc beads and what have you for some interest in the front and then finished it with this gorgeous strand of blue glass.  I wish I knew where I got it.  I love it!

BeadLove - Lucky tassel ful

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