This post is to highlight a couple of things I’ve made recently with certain favorite types of beads.  One longtime favorite – melon shape – and a new favorite – set stones.

First up the new favorite. I got a vintage Cuba stone pendant from an Andrew Thornton destash that I just fell in love with.  I decided to make a necklace that kept it simple so the focus would stay on the pendant. That’s a little difficult for me because I love lots of color.

BeadLove - Cube stone green

It was difficult to get the color and sparkle in that pendant, but those of you who know beads can see it enough to imagine the rest.  I love the texture too.

Second, I have loved melon shape beads lo these many years.  I recently got a Gaea pendant with a cat face on one side and an owl face on the other.  I had a variety of melon beads from Sarah Willey’s Bead Destash. There is something about the melon shape that makes me ridiculously happy. Especially in a variety of colors.  I decided they would be the perfect happy complement to the Gaea pendant.  I added in some slightly larger light green melons I’ve had for probably a good 15 years or more.  Here is the cat side.

BeadLove - Gaea cat necklace

Here is the owl side.

BeadLove - Gaea owl side

The Cuba stone pendant has given me a new interest in set stones.  I have another even more gorgeous Cuba stone pendant from Andrew’s destash as well as some other set stones in a vintage style that I got from a great shop I just came upon. I’m not even sure how I found it; I wasn’t looking for these specific things, but they charmed me (no pun intended) once I saw them.  One set of drops even has melon shape glass – a twofer!  Score!

BeadLove - set stones 2

Beads are a stress reliever for me. I just love looking at them, thinking about how to use them and working with them. I’m lucky to have something like that.