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The July selection for the Inspired by Reading Book Club is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I was late getting started in reading this book, but it was short and a really easy read.  I find that young adult books I would have liked as a young adult I also like as an adult, and that was the case with this book. I also often like jewelry that I would have liked as a young person, and I think that is true of the piece I’ve made.

It could be said that this book is about two teenagers who have cancer and fall in love.  But the teenagers in question, Hazel and Augustus, wouldn’t like that characterization. They don’t want to be defined by their illnesses, but those illnesses are a large part of their lives and their story.  The book is good because the main characters are smart and funny.  The supporting characters really add to the story and are well-developed for the most part.

While the characters are not their illnesses, my creation does focus on Hazel’s issue.  She says her lungs suck at being lungs.  And although this feels a little like a cheat because Andrew Thornton made the pendant I used for his own creation inspired by the book Stiff, I still decided to go with it.  I was enthralled with the shrink plastic pieces he made, and knew the right project would come along for the ones I have.  Well, in this case the one.

BeadLove - The Fault in Our Stars

I had this ribcage sitting out on my work table intending to use it for my project kind of in the back of my mind thinking it was lungs.  When I started to work, I realized it isn’t lungs, but close enough, being the protective cage around the lungs.  I added a Nunn Design heart charm for Hazel and Augustus’ love.  I had thought about adding a whole bunch of heart charms around the pendant. When I started designing, I was putting away a group of chain bits (oh how I love chain bits) I had recently gotten.  I decided those were right for this necklace. They are all different sizes, shapes, colors, materials. I often say life isn’t linear. It’s not like an identical strand of beads all around a necklace.  Very few people are born and everything goes smoothly from there.  There are peaks and valleys, joys and sorrows, pain and love in all our lives.  You never know what is coming and when, and I like how the various bits of beaded chain in this necklace symbolize that, yet it’s still beautiful.

When looking for a jump ring to connect it all, I saw my bag of rubber o rings and decided to find a color that represented something from the book.  At one point, Hazel and Augustus go on a picnic and eat a bunch of orange food, so I used an orange one.

I didn’t really think I’d like this book that much from the description, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also really enjoyed making my piece and know I will enjoy wearing it.  We’ll see if anyone asks me why I’m wearing a rib cage.  If so, I’ll recommend the book!  Visit the Inspired by Reading Facebook page to see other creations inspired by The Fault in Our Stars.