Wire bangles with charms are so popular lately.  I’ve wanted to make some, but I don’t want to make the form myself.  Lucky for me, there is a great shop that has the blank forms, along with other wonderful things. I got a set of five in size medium.

BeadLove - nekkid bracelet

You might notice that picture only shows four.  That’s because I’d already used one before I thought to take a picture.  I had also ordered some beautiful sari silk to use (because why use any of the mounds of it I already have?) but I didn’t end up using that. One of the packages in my order came tied with some gorgeous gray-blue silk, and I used that.  My record of not using what I order is clean. 🙂

BeadLove - gray bangle

I wrapped a little WoolyWire on one side and added a bunch of turquoise dangles. I had originally planned to make a few to go together. After putting it on, I decided my work would make it hard to wear many of these together.  Too much spangling around with dangles and all.  This one will look good with two thin silver bangles I’ve had probably since high school.  Of course I can’t find them right now, but they will turn up. Plus, now I have four more to work with later!