I’ve written before about how I often like how beads looks as they are strung and want to use them in a way that preserves that look.  At the beginning of this year I got these beads.  (Possibly peach moonstone in two shades?  I’m not good at stone identification, and I don’t always mark it when I get it.)  Anywho, I just took the two temporarily strung strands and restrung them on beading wire.  I have some lovely horn beads in similar and complementary shades I thought I would use at the back to achieve the right length.  Then I remembered how one of my boxes of chain was so heavy it ripped the top off (they are just cardboard) and decided to use chain.  I keep ordering chain but then don’t seem to use a lot of it.

BeadLove - moonstone double strand

As per usual, I envisioned and wanted the strands to lay differently, and I have no real idea why they don’t. I think I’m unduly influenced by jewelry pictures where the jewelry is posed.  But it won’t look like that on a living person who is moving around. So instead of worrying about it or whatever I usually do to make myself enjoy the jewelry I make less, I decided to just like it.  If I saw this one someone else, I’d like it.  So why not my own creation? I think these beads are so pretty, and I’m happy I made something that just let them be and didn’t try to work much else into the design.