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Sometimes when I want to make something, I just scroll through my Pinterest boards and see if something inspires me.  Tonight it was this pin.  I thought of some beads I have that wouldn’t have really looked anything like the inspiration, but that the inspiration made me think about.

BeadLove - inspiration beads

I thought the flowery bead had more color in it and would have green, so the carved bead would work with it.  After I decided they didn’t work together, I thought about these white beads I saw when looking for the green beads.  What happened is what often happens – in looking for beads based on some inspiration, I find something else and put that together.  So inspiration that just gets me looking through my beads is usually enough to help me make a piece when I don’t have a specific idea in mind.

BeadLove - green and white necklace

I was thinking about different pendants, and then I saw the beaded bead sitting on my work table.  I thought that would be a good accent.  I also had an idea to use a blue and white clasp and thought of a Round Rabbit piece that is blue and white.  The whites didn’t quite go, but I found this green pendant and thought back to the beaded bead.  There are a million ideas and combinations!

In the end, I used the white beads, a Keith O’Connor tab, a beaded bead by Malin de Koning and a pendant by Nancy Adams.  She has stopped making beads, but makes a lot of other cool stuff, so check out her shop, Round Rabbit.