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So I’ve decided to start submitting some of my jewelry for publication.  The hardest part is getting a decent picture.  The light around here is unreliable, and my light box seems like it also works intermittently.  So I made a necklace to submit for the Winter 2017 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine. The theme I made this for is Winter Woodland. Here is what the submission guidelines had to say:

“Inspired by a wintery walk in the woods, submissions in this category should bring to mind snow-covered pine trees, cozy cabins, and the rustic serenity of a woodsy winter. Successful submissions should make use of matte winter whites, golds, wood elements, and botanical-inspired details. Mix these components with pine greens, browns, grays, and/or taupe. Designs could be something you might wear with a comfy sweater to a casual holiday get-together or while relaxing in front of the fire in a cabin in the woods.”

I do feel like I captured the feel and colors of this theme, but I did not capture a good picture of my necklace. I was going to keep trying, but I got sick and the deadline passed, so I did not submit it.  But I thought I would share it here. Still not a great pic.

BeadLove winter necklace 1

It’s a fun asymmetrical necklace that can be worn any way around.  I love the variety of materials – plastic, wood, nut, glass, and a druzy.  I used gold filled spacer beads and even 24 kt gold covered Soft Flex wire that I’ve had a long time. I strung it first on regular wire to make sure it worked so I wouldn’t waste that more expensive wire!

The cool wooden clasp is from Dobzie Wood by Burl Girl.  The shop was on Artisan Component Marketplace, but lately I haven’t been able to get that website to open, so I’m not sure what is up with that.

One thing I realized in making this for possible publication is that a lot of my stash is old or from other people’s destashes, so it would be difficult to list where I got some of my materials. I know where I got the clasp and the druzy. The half round wooden beads are left from a challenge kit.  The white and round green beads are from destashes.  The long green beads are from a necklace I bought at a thrift shop. The rest of the pieces – no idea.  Old as the hills.

Even though I didn’t submit this, it is progress that I even made something to submit. I did submit a picture of another necklace to a different magazine, but I didn’t hear anything back and the deadline was over a month ago.  I don’t know if that means they are still considering or the answer is no or what.  If they are not interested, I wish I would know for sure because I love the necklace and would show it on my blog!  I feel good that I have started taking steps toward possibly being published in the future.