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I love tin in jewelry and have been collecting tins for a while in anticipation of using it. I finally started just a bit.  In addition to the tin bead caps tutorial by Lorelei Eurto, I have her new one for tin toggles and a fabulous one from Tracy DiPiazza about how to make tin beads and bangles. I will be over the moon if I am able to make some decent pieces.  While I may be slow to try the tutorials, I am not slow to collect the tins.

It surprises me then that I haven’t checked more often at the thrift store within walking distance from my work.  I walk by it often on my way to the co-op for lunch but rarely stop in. Something a co-worker said the other day made me think I should check there for tins.  I went that day and immediately found a cute tin!

tin truck

Love this one!  On the back, there are a couple of animals. I will cut them out and use them as sweet earring dangles!

tin truck animalsI also love that the tins are inexpensive.  I think all have been $1 or less.  An added benefit is a nice stress-relieving walk during the work day!

green round tin

Love the soft green color and aged look of this one.

tin lattice side

The side has a lovely lattice pattern.  I think this will be great to make a tin bangle!

ME tin

I’ve long been a Mary Engelbreit fan, and I envision making mismatched disc pairs from the skirt and apron in this picture – or maybe a two sided bead!

white holiday tinThe intricate scrollwork on a white background from this holiday tin will make elegant pieces.

heart tin yellow and blue side

This lovely heart shaped tin is different – and beautiful – on each side.  Sweet flora on a yellow background on this side.

heart tin colorful sideThe other side of the same tin with a larger, more vibrant design on a green background.  Only 40 cents for all this great material!

So if you are looking for tins, stop in your local thrift shop.  All these tins are from just two trips.  I imagine I will find some relatively often when I visit. Pretty tins are the exact sort of thing people keep without really having a use and then go on a cleaning spree and release them into the wild of the thrift shop for someone like me to find!