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Over a year ago, my mom bought a necklace at an antiques store made of gorgeous faceted amber glass beads.  Love!  She wanted to restring it, but nothing she tried suited her.  So I suggested knotting it, and then I held her beads hostage.  At first I thought it would be nice to knot on silk, but I find silk difficult to work with.  Then I thought about waxed linen but worried the bead holes wouldn’t be big enough.  Well, this weekend, I finally checked.  Regular 4-ply waxed linen was slightly too small and the beads were able to slip over the knots.  However, I had some burnt orange linen in 5-ply – perfect!

I decided to bring the project down and do it in the living room.  My bead table has gotten to quite a state (again) so the living room floor was a much better choice.  The cat liked it at first because she thought each time I made a knot and the cord flipped toward her, that it was time to play.

MooKitty waiting for string

After I explained the cord was not for her, she deigned to stay with me, but went to sleep.  It didn’t take long to knot this necklace, and I feel a bit silly for stalling so long.  But I have only recently become pretty confident in my knotting.  It’s one thing to make things for myself, but it is more stressful to make for others. Even now, I forgot not to knot the last bead on each side so I could reserve that for the closing knot.  I opened them, but it’s never the same, and the knot is bigger than I’d like.  It’s fine for me, but I’m going to emphasize to my mom that I will be happy to restring.  (Mom, I’m happy to restring!)

Mom's amber necklace 3

Then, as long as I was in knotting mode, I decided to break out some Czech glass and a YUMMEEz focal by Yvonne Irvin-Faus of My Elements and knot something colorful for myself.

BeadLove - My Elements and Czech glass

It was fun to use so many of my beautiful beads, although I never end up making necklaces like the ones I admire because I use too many different elements.  I still love it and can always make something toned down another time.