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mystery challenge

Allegory Gallery hosts fun challenges with kits curated by artist Andrew Thornton that they sell through their store.  I love these challenges.  The kits are filled to the brim with beautiful materials, and I love to stretch my creativity by working with materials, colors and themes someone else has chosen.  Here is a picture of my kit (minus a few things I’d already used!)

Mystery Challenge kit

In addition to the kit, Andrew includes a handmade Mystery Component he makes himself!

Mystery Challenge MC

Usually the Mystery Component is the only thing we haven’t seen prior to getting the kit.  However, in this case, the entire kit was a surprise.  I love this kit!  Orange is a favorite color of mine, and since the Spirit Walk challenge, I’ve been wondering why I don’t use more purple since it is so pretty.  These colors are fabulous together!

The very first thing I made is a pair of earrings.  There were two frame beads meant for it, and I’ve never been much good with frame beads, so I thought it was a good way to start the challenge.  All the beads in these earrings are from the kit.  I just added the findings.

BeadLove - Mystery Challenge earrings

Next I used the Mystery Component because it is fabulous!  I love the gradations of color, the swirly design and the long oval shape.  I used a silver bead with a swirly design above it as part of the pendant.  Then I used rounds from the kit and a few from my stash to made a double wire wrapped strand on one side and a beaded strand on the other.

BeadLove - Mystery Challenge MC necklace

Next I wanted to use some of the plastic beads.  I love the lightweight nature of plastic.  I used beads from the kit and beads from my stash, including some fun things from My Elements and some WoolyWire at the bottom.  This is a great, colorful necklace to wear with a white t-shirt and jeans.

BeadLove - Mystery Challenge necklace colorful

I also made a bracelet.  I really wanted to use some of the purple and fuchsia disk beads.  I love them.  I add some beads from my stash, including a Humblebeads feather coin (it’s a dragonfly on the other side) and a Patricia Healey clasp.

BeadLove - Mystery Challenge bracelet HB

I thought I was done after the bracelet, but then I was looking at the book Necklaceology by Candie Cooper.  It includes a necklace called vanuatu that uses silk cord like the orange one included in the kit, so I was inspired to make another necklace.  I added some other colors of silk cord that I have along with dangles made from beads in the kit and my stash.

BeadLove - Mystery challenge CC

I had been hoping to use the flowers in the kit, and this allowed me to.

BeadLove - Mystery Challenge CC close

I had so much fun with this kit.  Thanks Andrew and William for another great Allegory Gallery challenge.  Visit the Facebook page to see what others have made with their kits and thanks for visiting.