I love Gaea’s beads.  I have amassed quite a collection.  Recently, she has started selling some etched metal as well, which I also love.  I was lucky enough to snag a bracelet bar on her Facebook group which can be fast and furious when she lists.  I know a lot of people don’t, but I’ve come to actually like that competitive shopping mode, although there was a time I didn’t.  But, the great thing about Gaea’s auctions is, she will also do a made to order piece for you if you miss something you want. I’ve noticed several artists I like doing that now, so if you don’t get something you want, ask!

Anyway, back to what I’ve made with some of Gaea’s beads. The bracelet bar says “adore” and the word trails into a heart at the end.  It was hard to get the light just right to show the bar to its best advantage since it is curved.

Gaea adore bracelet 2

I’ve also used four of her ceramic beads, a pretty striped glass bead and my last little herkimer “diamond”.  I often feel like I don’t have the right clasp for stuff. The first look through my box of clasps didn’t yield anything I was thrilled about, but then I looked again and found this dotty copper hook that I think is perfect with Gaea’s dot etched bar!

I’ve really been trying to use more of my art beads lately, and it’s a lot of fun. I try not to get panicky about “running out”.  I know many of you reading can identify with that irrational fear.

And now for a public service announcement.  I am temporarily keeping my sister’s cat which is a lot of fun.  I put my main photo background paper on the floor when I was trying a different background.  If you have an animal in the house, don’t do this.

claw paper

It was already looking a little worse for wear, so I need a new one anyway.  I hope I can find something I like as much.  I like the subtle texture that provides interest but isn’t too distracting.  When I get the new one, I will put this one out for the cat.  She was sleeping on it earlier.  Apparently she likes it too!