I regularly attend artist Andrew Thorton‘s bead destashes on Facebook.  He has great beads, great deals, and it is a lot of fun.  Some of the lots are a mix of beads, and Andrew has an eye for putting those together.  I often see a design with the beads in a lot before I even get them.  But then I get them and put them away, and they are used separately.  This time I decided to make something using the beads from a lot together with the design I envisioned when I saw the lot.  It’s kind of like I am collaborating with Andrew!  Here is his picture of the lot that I grabbed off Facebook.

Andrew Thornton lot

I fell in love with those vintage red plastic beads.  That shape!  Also, they are big and bold but won’t weigh a ton, so they will be comfortable to wear.  When I saw the lot, I pictured a necklace using those in the front separated by the African glass.  I thought I’d use the seed beads on the linen for the back and have a beaded loop and button clasp with the bronze button from Saki Silver.

That’s how it started.

BeadLove red plastic close

But I knew I wasn’t going to have enough length, and I felt the size of the plastic needed a little more heft at the back than just the seed beads.  I thought it would be nice to bring out the mustard color in the African beads, and I found these gorgeous rounds that I had also gotten from one of Andrew’s destashes.

BeadLove red plastic curve necklace

I added a length of chain at the back to reach the desired size and used a hefty lobster claw.  Although the necklace is quite light, it needed visual balance as well.  I’m so pleased with how this came out.  The red plastic beads are just as fun as they seemed they would be.  It was great to use most of a lot together soon after I got it.  I will be doing this again.  So many of Andrew’s lots present themselves as a partially finished design; I just need to add my spin!  Thanks, Andrew!