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Allegory Gallery hosts the Inspired by Reading Book Club for which participants read a book and make something inspired by it. The March book, The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, was a bit over-written for me.  I prefer more plot, less description, and if I hadn’t been reading this for book club, I probably would have given it up.  So, I’m glad I was reading it for book club because it was a really interesting story. I enjoyed the back and forth between Andrew’s story, Robert’s story and Beatrice’s story.

There were parts of the book that made me uncomfortable, like Andrew, the main character, getting a little over-involved with people in his patient’s life. As a doctor, he has such a serious trust with a patient. When he started lying to people, I worried he was headed toward some terrible mistake.  I also got fed up with the women in Robert’s life being so head-over-heels with him when he didn’t treat them well.

My favorite part was Andrew visiting his father, though one could call it a minor part of the book. The push/pull of Andrew’s relationship with his aging father was wonderful. The character of the father seemed so wise and thoughtful. He tells Andrew to find the right person to spend his life with and tell her, “Madame, I observe that your heart is broken.  Allow me to repair it for you.”  They discussed how his own wife wouldn’t have needed that kind of talk and would have told him to pull himself together and take out the garbage while kissing him on the forehead.  I found both of those sentiments so sweet. I started to like the book a lot more after this chapter.

Since the above quote was my favorite line in the book, I decided to make something with a heart bead of some kind.  I sketched out several ideas…and then didn’t use any of them! I tend to let the beads tell me what to do, and often I’ll open a box to get something out for a sketched design, and something else will present itself to me for consideration. I ended up with a very simple necklace that I absolutely love.

BeadLove - Swan Thieves necklace

I wish my picture showed these components to their best advantage because they are all gorgeous, but I won’t have time to re-take it in better light before this post. I used a Staci Louise Originals rustic rune’d heart pendant. After trying several other things with it, I decided it looked best just on its own. I love the fabulous, crusty look (and feel) of it. I used two different pieces of chain – one from Supply Your Soul in the dark rainbow patina, and one from Miss Fickle Media in black magic patina. They are separated with a swirl clasp in russet red, also from Miss Fickle Media. These beautiful patinas made me think of the painting theme in the book.

I love how this necklace came out. I can tell it is going to be one of those go-to necklace I wear often. Thank you to Andrew and William of Allegory Gallery for hosting the Inspired by Reading Book Club.  I enjoy reading things I wouldn’t otherwise read and being challenged to make something in response.  To see what other participants made, visit the Inspired by Reading Facebook page.