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I get notification from Pinterest when someone repins a pin, and I find it fascinating what people repin.  It’s also fun when the notice is that someone repinned a piece of jewelry I made.  It’s still a thrill for me that someone would like what I made enough to pin it!

My most repinned pin as far as I can tell is this leather bracelet tutorial from Antelope Beads.  As of this writing, 154 repins!


Photo and bracelet from Antelope Beads

Just recently my pin of a gorgeous necklace Staci Louise Smith made for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party in 2011 is on the uptick; suddenly 23 repins. It’s fun to revisit these things each time I get a notification.  Most of my pins have few or no repins, so it’s notable when one gets into the double digits.  My jewelry board only has 303 followers, so those larger numbers are pretty good. The repins come in batches.  Someone repins and then other people see that, etc.

A couple of years ago when Pinterest first started trying to monetize their site, I wrote a post about moving away from it.  I didn’t begrudge them trying to make money, just the way they were doing it.  Because my alternative went kaput, I’ve made my peace with Pinterest.  Although my home page is crowded with sponsored and suggested pins I may not care about, I’m still able to scroll through and find a few things I like from boards I follow, and it’s a good way for me to save my own pins and likes for lots of inspiration and just plain eye candy when I want to enjoy it.

Now on to the Random Stuff.  I haven’t done a new beads post for a while, and I’ve amassed some things I thought I’d show.  Before I start, I want to acknowledge that my pictures are crap. I continue to struggle with photos, mainly (though not totally) due to lack of decent light. I keep working on it.

I’ve become a big fan of Melissa Gabelle of The Clay Hen.  I primarily buy from her on Facebook groups Australian Art Beads and Ceramic Art Bead Market.  But I was writing a post about something I made with her beads when I discovered she also has an etsy shop and couldn’t resist making an order.

Clay Hen - Melissa Gabelle

I was also pleased to learn that Helen Backhouse recently opened a shop.  I had seen people using her beads left and right, and wondered how to get my hands on some.  Now here they are!  These actually came in pairs, but since I rarely make earrings, I gave one of each to my mom.  We’re both using them as pendants!  I had to show how beautiful they are front and back.

Helen Backhouse PM

I also recently got a scrumptious order from Humblebeads. Heather Powers constantly comes up with new and beautiful creations.  I love her disc beads. They can add a nice accent to so many styles and designs.

Humblebeads group

Heather also provided inspiration for using these next beads by Kim Snider of Mandrel Beads. If you like her work, join her Facebook Group where she does trunk shows. You’ll increase your chances of getting some!

Kim Snider - Mandrel Beads

I continue to be enthralled with plastic.  Recently the owner of a local bead store that closed down (boo!) a while ago was selling off some leftover stock, and I picked up these (among other things.)


I also got a kumihimo disc because I don’t have enough techniques that I haven’t done anything about. Ha!


Because, as you can probably tell, I am an equal opportunity bead lover, I also recently picked up some vintage necklaces of various materials for a song in a Facebook destash.  These will be great to take apart and repurpose.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this somewhat random post.  Thanks for stopping by!