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I’m in love with the use of fibers of all kinds in jewelry, and I think the next step for me is using textiles. I have several pieces in my stash, and this is my first try.  I have a pin from Mary Jane Dodd’s shop mairedodd. I really enjoy her work, and was thrilled to get one of her wonderful textiles. The piece plays into my love of the naïve style of art as well. My clothing doesn’t lend itself to wearing pins, so I decided to make it into a necklace.

BeadLove necklace with Maire Dodd textile

I like how Mary Jane put this piece on a safety pin. I decided to highlight the lovely red colors and put it with some red beaded chain. I am laaaazy to make my own beaded chain, so I found the perfect one in the shop pluffbeads.  I didn’t want to leave it too plain, so I added a few beads to the top part of the pin.  I love the three primary colors – red, yellow and blue – so I used those. The yellow bead has the two other colors as well as a kind of childlike playfulness that goes well with the tone of the necklace. The two blue beads were a very special gift, and that is the sort of thing that I think adds a lot to a piece.  The little beaded clasp is from Shipwreck Dandy Supply. Again, it fits right in with the feel of the piece.

I’m super happy with this necklace.  All the elements work together perfectly. This is part of what is satisfying about making my own jewelry. I would not be able to get something with all these special elements anywhere else.