I think anyone who reads this blog with any regularity can see that I’m an equal opportunity bead lover. I pretty much like all styles, colors and materials.  I recently ordered some fun things from My Elements.  The things in this shop have always appealed to me; they are so colorful and fun.

BeadLove - My Elements charm necklace

The original design I tried was not working out.  Lucky me, Yvonne, the owner of the shop, had sent me this large black and white striped bead along with my order.  Thanks, Yvonne!  I decided to use it to make a fun charm necklace with my materials instead of my original design. As I made it, it reminded me of the plastic charm necklaces popular with kids in the 1980s. My little sister had one. When I wore it today, someone at work made the same observation.

The chain, rubber O rings, colored jump rings, white trixies, and large and small striped beads are from My Elements. This necklace is super long – over 30 inches. I really like long necklaces lately, especially if they have a pendant or other bits and bobs I can play with during the day.  I look forward to more pieces made with things from the My Elements shop.  I love many styles – bohemian, vintage, sophisticated, classic, simple, earthy. I also love things that have an element of youthful fun to make me smile.