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Does this happen to you? I buy this gorgeous strand of beads, and then I cut it apart and it’s never the same.  I can’t make the parts as beautiful as the whole. So lately I’ve been thinking that maybe sometimes I can design with beads together the way I first saw them but add a little something so I do feel like I’ve designed the piece.  I feel like I’ve managed that with this necklace.

I bought a beautiful grouping of beads from Melissa Gabelle of The Clay Hen.  In addition to her etsy shop in that last link, she also sells on Facebook in Ceramic Art Bead Market and Australian Art Beads.  I loved them so much just how they looked in the picture online, I started thinking about how I could use them that way, but still feel like I’d designed something.  And it came to me – chain!

The Clay Hen

But not just any old single strand of chain.  I knew I could find colored chain that would go perfectly with Melissa’s beads in Yvonne Irvin-Faus‘ shop My Elements. I love the selection of colored chain in that shop!  Color makes me happy, and I’m so glad I was able to design something fun, yet keep Melissa’s beautiful beads all together just as pretty as they were in the picture when I first saw them.

This is also the first time I’ve used wire guards.  I’ll see how I like them.  I didn’t have the right size crimp covers, so those are still to come.

Do you ever feel like beads look their best on the strand?  If so, how have you dealt with that as a designer?