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I really like multi-strand necklaces.  It gives me the chunky look I love with smaller beads which I find easier to use.  I do want to find good ways to use the big, bold beads I love (and keep buying) but that is for another day.

I used to make necklaces kind of like this when I first started making jewelry, so it’s clearly a look I’ve been trying to achieve for some time.  This is a more refined version now that I know how to use things like bead cones and wire wrapping.  I strung a mix of chevron beads that I got from Ethnic Bead Shop and Javanese glass that I got from Andrew Thornton destashes on six leftover strands of waxed linen.  Since they wouldn’t show, it didn’t matter that they are all different colors.  It’s so great using up leftovers!

I had a set of pretty blue enameled bead cones from Earthly Adornments. Before I got them out, I wondered if they would be too fancy looking. But I think that is one of the reasons I’m not always getting the look I want with my jewelry.  I think everything has to match in style or feel. The jewelry designers I really love use lots of variety in every piece.

multi strand mixed glass by BeadLove

I used a Green Girl Studio swirl clasp and some vintage beaded chain at the back.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I know I will enjoy wearing it, and I do like that I used a few elements with different styles and didn’t get too matchy.