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I’ve admired Anne Choi beads for a long time.  In the past they have seemed out of reach.  I do have a bracelet by Lorelei Eurto with an Anne Choi button, but I had never bought a bead for myself.  Last year, I got one for my birthday. It is 100% me.  It says: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” a Jane Austen quote.

Anne Choi bead Staying Home

It can be difficult to use a our most precious beads.  While I agree with Heather Powers in her excellent blog post giving us permission to enjoy some beads just as beads and not as part of a piece of jewelry, there are some I do want to make into jewelry and wear.  This Anne Choi bead might have been one of those collection only beads except I had the perfect strand of “I’ll never be able to use these” gemstones to go with it!  I had purchased a strand of rough rubies in an Andrew Thornton destash. They are very beautiful, and I couldn’t imagine ever using them until I got the Anne Choi bead.  I think they were meant to be together! I did stall for a little while, but I’ve only had the Anne Choi bead a couple of months.  You kindred bead collectors out there know that is nothing!

IMG_8593 (1)

I added a pretty lampwork bead I got in a destash of items from Niky Sayers and knotted everything on waxed linen.  That is one of my favorite looks.  I finished it off with a sterling silver swirl clasp by Miss Fickle Media. It doesn’t photograph nearly as pretty as I think it truly looks. I will really enjoy wearing this.  I even have some of these precious rubies left for another project (or to just admire.)