I was watching this video from B’sue Boutiques the other day and really liked the chain bracelets she makes at the beginning using leftover lengths of chain. I set out to make something like that, but I picked chain that was too delicate and ended up putting an amber glass connector with it. I liked it, but I wanted more heft, so I decided to make another one so I could stack them together.

stacking chain bracelets

In the second bracelet, I used a very cute red flower that came with a muse pack from Smitten Beads. The one with the spiral hook gives me fits trying to get it on, but I think I’ll get better at it. They do look good together.

stacking chain bracelets on

One thing I liked from the video is the suggestion to double jump ring things. Not only does this provide extra security, but it really looks more like a design element than just a connection point.  I did put two black rubber rings near the little red dangles in the above picture. I should have used it more, but even though I was “listening” to the video (clearly, not very well) while I was making the bracelets, I forgot about it until the end.