I don’t buy a whole lot of figural lampwork beads, although I do have some favorites in my stash.  Recently, I couldn’t resist.  In a Facebook group, someone showed beads they had just purchased that looked like delicious little chocolates, and I fell in love.  I went over to the group Lampwork Bead Market to see who they were by.  I’m pretty sure I had been a member previously and then quit because the temptation was too much.  But temptation be damned!  I needed to learn more about those beads.  So I joined and found that Carolyn Conley had listed another, different set.  I snapped those up so fast.

chocolate beads

I thought I would do a post showing the beads and real chocolates in the little paper liners and see if you could guess which was glass vs. chocolate.  Even if the shine wouldn’t have given the glass ones away, I saw the difference in size and gave up on that idea.  It’s still a pretty picture, though.  And I do get to eat the props.  They are from my favorite chocolatier, Gail Ambrosius. Lucky me, she’s local!

I’ll have a lot of fun with these little beads.  Part of what I love about good chocolates is that they look good as well as taste good.  So these beads will feed me that way.