The Pantone colors of the year for 2016 are rose quartz and serenity blue.


from Pantone’s website

Many people are kind of giving it the squint eye; pastel pink and baby blue?  But I’ve been thrilled.  I love pink and the challenge of pairing it with light blue while making it look sophisticated has invigorated my creativity.  I’ve already got some of these colors in my stash! Today I made a necklace which is my first little foray into the colors of the year.

Zesty Frog pink ingredients

I’m a fan of the artist Annica of Zesty Frog. I bought these pink Czech glass beads and thought I’d pair them with a couple of Zesty Frog beads. For this necklace, I chose pink and blue beads that are darker than the Pantone colors, used some pretty bead caps and darker pink waxed linen.

Zesty frog pink Czech necklace

I used a brass chain blank at the back. I like the soft of the pink glass beads combined with the metal chain and the art beads bringing the two together.  I look forward to using the Pantone colors of the year – and versions thereof – as 2016 moves along. I bought a pink shirt the other day to start building a wardrobe that can go with the pastel jewelry I plan on making.

How do you feel about the Pantone colors for 2016?