Ornamentea is a store in North Carolina that I’ve never visited.  However, they have a great online presence and wonderful projects they share. I got the inspiration for this necklace from a project I think they were teaching in-store that featured in their newsletter. I didn’t have actual instructions, so it took me a couple of tries to get the construction right. I made it longer than I originally wanted. I’ll wear it a few times to see if I want to change that.

BeadLove leaves and ric rac necklace

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use leather like the inspiration necklace, so I was looking at my box of fibers, and I saw this ric-rac.  I think it brings in a nice bit of color that goes well with the brown leaves.  Then I wanted to put something pretty near the clasp; I often think that area looks so plain.  I need to get more art clasps. I also need to get some fancier ribbon ends.  But I think these flowers in some of the ric-rac colors look nice.