Even though I say about practically everything I see, “I could make something out of that,” I didn’t realize why my dad was so excitedly showing me a broken clock he had gotten from a neighbor who was going to throw it away.  Was I going to have to plaster a smile on my face and tell him I’d love to hang it in my hall?  No!  He looked at me with eyes shining and said, “Gears.”

Later when I went in to look at it more closely, I found two keys!  It was so exciting.

clock keys

We gushed about those keys for a few days until we were ready to take the whole thing apart.  It was really fun to see what the inside revealed and figure out how to get it all apart without too much damage.  Here is my dad just starting work.

Dad at work on the clock

We both first thought of gears, but then I found those cool keys, and we saw that the clock face, the pendulum, and the hands were all metal.

clock inner casing

Lots of stuff in there.  It took various tools, some time, ingenuity, a flashlight and one injury (when one of the large gears that was spring loaded bit my dad) to get apart.  This is all the loveliness the inner casing revealed.

the clock innards

So many great pieces!  We took those gold cylinders with the white plastic-or-rubber on the end off the wires and agreed those were some of the best pieces. They are drilled side to side on the gold end – dangles!

clock favorites

Here’s a (bad) picture of some of our favorites among the small inner workings. I love those pieces that look like birds!

the clock take

There is the beautiful clock face and the front of the pendulum.  I was so proud to get that apart from the back with my dad’s help.  We got rid of the parts we knew would not be useful, but I saved all the rest to go through at some later point.  You just never know what you might use in a piece.