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Today is the reveal for the Beady Leftovers blog hop sponsored by Marybeth Rich of Forest of Jewels. Marybeth had a terrific idea because she, like many of us, has leftovers from other blog hops, challenges and projects. Why not challenge ourselves to use some of them up?

Beady Leftovers

I wasn’t sure which leftovers to use.  I thought about:

  • bunches of leftover beads still in their containers from challenge kits
  • specific beads I know are leftover from finished pieces
  • Mystery Components I haven’t used from some of Andrew Thornton‘s Allegory Gallery Design Challenges
  • my messy bead table because everything out there is left from projects I’ve worked on in the last [I don’t want to admit how long since I’ve cleaned up] months

But then something caught my eye.  I have a round plastic thing I saved from something I can’t remember that I intended to use as a bangle bracelet form since it’s a nice fit on my wrist.  I spied it and decided it would be a great base to use up some leftovers.  With that idea in mind, I quickly put together some materials from both my bead table and leftovers boxes.

Beady Leftovers

The pink mix in the box lid is from the Brave Angel Challenge. The pieces of sari silk are leftover from several of Andrew Thornton’s challenges.  The yellow batik ribbon was tied on the box of a bead order, but I can’t remember from which artist.  It’s possibly their own leftover and now a leftover for me!  The little bag is a mix of beads from challenges, and I fished out those long beads already wire wrapped that were going to be something in a project.  I’ll be happy to use those and not waste the nice balled headpins I used to wrap them!  There is also a piece of leather (it’s metallic on the other side) left from a bracelet I made for the Lunar Eclipse Challenge.

I had made one wrapped bangle before and really liked how it turned out, so I made another for this hop.

BeadLove - Beady Leftovers Bracelet

I used three lengths of sari silk as well as the batik ribbon.  I love the mix of colors!  I riveted on a little leather tag à la Lorelei Eurto.  I wrapped the whole thing with thin raw copper wire because I liked the orange color, but it doesn’t show that bright in this picture.  I also used copper balled headpins to wrap all the beads.  I even got to use those long beads I had already wrapped.  I placed them all on large jump rings, and I have a dangle bangle!

Although I didn’t use a ton of beads in this piece, I was glad to use some orphan beads, ribbon and supplies. This challenge really made me see that it isn’t hard to use leftovers if I put my mind to it.  Thanks to Marybeth!  Please visit her page to see what beady leftover goodness other participants have created.