While visiting my parents this weekend, we were going through some of the jewelry my Mom has made over the years.  Whenever we do that, I end up borrowing some to wear.  She doesn’t wear it much, so she is happy to have it get an airing, and I am happy to wear it because it’s beautiful!  Here are some pictures of a few of the pieces I brought home.


My mom loves pearls, and this is such a classic style.  They are just lovely and go with everything.  I love the sterling S clasp.  So pretty.  I wore these today!


This is one of my favorites that my Mom has made.  This picture in no way does it justice.  I even gave her some of the beads that were leftover from one of my projects.  (In fact, I’ll have to take that project apart and use the beautiful beads.  The necklace is pretty, but it’s no longer my style.)  This is two strand, and just so pretty and elegant.


This is another necklace I love.  I made one based on this with sterling and resin.  But now I get to wear the original for a while!


More pearls but not traditional!  Mom made these necklaces and likes how they look together. So do it.  My Dad got those big pearls at a garage sale, but he was willing to share.  These two necklaces are really pretty and have a funky vibe I love!


Turquoise and silver – another classic style, but never boring.  This is one of those perfect necklaces.

My Mom was saying she just keeps making the same style over and over, but I think this little tour shows that is not true.  She does have some go-to styles, as we all do.  I use tassels so often and simple knotting.  But I think it’s easy to tell my Mom has great taste in a variety of styles.  I’m lucky I can dip into her jewelry box and have some fun!  Thanks, Mom!