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I am not really on top of it when it comes to holiday stuff.  I plan to make my own Christmas cards, and then by the time I remember to do it, it’s too late in the game and I decide to avoid the stress and buy someone else’s handmade cards.  (By the way, I plan to make my own Christmas cards this year, so really, I should be working on those instead of typing this blog post.)

But I did get one holiday-related thing done.  I knew I had some great Halloween themed beads in my stash, so I thought I’d make a cute Halloween charm necklace!

BeadLove Halloween hanging

The ceramic ghoul, candy corn and jack-o-lantern are from Joan Miller Porcelain. They are the first Joan Miller beads I ever got, but not the last!  The center skull is by Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio.  I also have three more of her skulls (all different) that I have collected over time because I love them, but this one fit the necklace just right.  My sister’s girlfriend (hi Lisa!) gave me the flat jack-o-lantern beads, and I added some black beads to round it out that I thought had a Halloween-y feel.

BeadLove Halloween full

I used blackened steel headpins and jump rings to attach it all to a gorgeous chain with soot black and verdigris patina by Shannon German of Miss Fickle Media.  I love her chain!  Soot black is a favorite, and especially appropriate here.

I had fun making this and bringing out some of my Halloween beads in time to wear them this year!