That title sounds a little dramatic for what I have to show today.  But what I made last night got me thinking.  I have a million projects (that’s approximate) marked in books and magazines, ideas I’ve sketched out in journals and on scraps of paper, and ideas for upcoming blog hops.  Yet I saw a color combination on the internet last night (turquoise and red) which I’ve seen many times before but always like, and I hopped right up and made a necklace.

Why haven’t I worked on any of those other ideas but immediately made this one the moment I had it?  I would love to know the answer and unlock the key to my own creativity.  Possibly because I knew it would be an easy project. Maybe because it involved knotting which I find extremely relaxing.

In any case, I think it’s a nice necklace, and I’m glad I made it.  I used a Tibetan lapis pendant, some turquoise-ish nugget beads and red waxed linen.

lapis pendant

The pops of red from the stringing material don’t show up as much as I had hoped because the beads are irregularly shaped and sometimes just naturally cover it up.  Part of my impetus to use these beads (which I haven’t had that long) so quickly is that I love this small nugget shape.  It is quite a favorite of mine, and I think they look great just knotted together.

Thanks for stopping by!