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I took Friday off and had a nice, long weekend.  Parts of it involved beads, so I thought I’d share.

Recently, Andrew Thornton mentioned on Facebook that he is currently smitten with plastic beads.  I have to admit I’ve always liked plastic beads.  I don’t always know how to use them, but it doesn’t stop me from buying them.  This time I got a bunch and didn’t spend a penny.  My mother went to a yard sale and picked up bunches of beads.  She gave me 4 or 5 bags of plastic beads. Here are a couple of my favorites.

faceted plastic

I actually have a bunch of these already!  I’m thinking multi-strand, ’60s inspired necklace.  Nice variety of colors.

twisted plastic

Check out these large and lovely twisted ones.  I love the blue!

cartoons paper beads

She also got several bags of paper beads.  These comics ones are my favorite. A couple of edges are coming up, so I’m going to see if I can re-glue them. These could make a fun necklace!

Mali wedding beads

The coup of her purchases for me are these Mali wedding beads.  Seventy-five cents for all of them!!  I love these beads.

African glass trianglesThen my parents and I went to a bead store in a nearby town, Diakonos Designs.  They have a really nice selection of beads and findings we all like.  The first thing that caught my eye was this strand of African recycled glass beads.  I was determined not to just fall in love with the first thing I saw, like I usually do. I didn’t pick them up as I shopped, but I ended up getting them in the end.


Here are some other things I picked up.  My mother got a larger version of the tin star.  I love those two craggy old resin pieces.  The three beads in back are wood.  There was a beautiful old brass shield piece that I was swooning over, but did not get because I was spending my money on other things.  My dad ended up getting that, so at least it stayed in the family!

chainDiakonos has the best selection of chain.  I got a mere fraction of what I really wanted, but little by little I will build up my chain stash.

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