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Dreaming Tree is the latest Allegory Gallery Design Challenge hosted by artist Andrew Thornton.

dreamingtreechallengeLately, Andrew has been using natural gemstones as inspiration for the kits. This time it is rainbow fluorite.  Here is a picture of my kit.

Dreaming Tree KitAndrew also includes a handmade component in the kits as a Mystery Component.  You can see his dreaming tree pendant there on the bottom left of my kit.  Here is a close up:

AT MC dreaming treeI very much wanted to use this Mystery Component.  I love the colors in this kit and they meld perfectly together in the pendant.  I also love the dreaming tree image.  I have a larger, somewhat similar pendant by Andrew in a different color scheme that I am currently hoarding. So here was the perfect opportunity to use a dreaming tree.

I get different gemstones mixed up.  As I looked at my kit, I kept thinking of these gemstone slabs I had.  Then I would remind myself that those are ametrine rather than fluorite.  Then I would forget again. So when I went to make the necklace, I got out the ametrine and worked with it a while before I remembered that it was not fluorite (even when it was right in front of me.)  But what the heck; they look good together.  So I even threw in a nugget of amethyst for good measure.

Dreaming Tree MC closeI wanted this to feel regal and fancy and to me that means long and gold.  I have a few of these gold stampings that I am just in love with.  I’ve had so many ideas for them, but I managed to pry one away from my hoarding ways to use in this necklace. In addition to the Mystery Component, I used the green crystals, Czech flowers and fluorite rounds from the kit.

DT full 2

It was difficult for me to get a good picture of this necklace because it is long. But, I wanted to add more gold in addition to the stamping and was looking through my gold things.  I saw an Anne Dick necklace I had gotten at an antiques store. I had never heard of her at the time, but looked her up after I bought the piece (intending at the time to cut it up for parts) and ended up buying another necklace by her I found online.  I believe the rough discs I got from her necklace are actually bronze, but it’s close enough for me.

stacking bracelets DT 2

When I first got the kit, I kept wrapping the long strand of fluorite chip around my wrist because it was just so pretty.  So of course that led to some stacking stretch bracelets with the chip and a variety of other beads, mostly from the kit. Thanks to Tracy Statler of Make Bracelets, I feel like my knots are more secure than ever.

And, of course, I had to make a tassel.DT tassel

I used the purple seed beads and green waxed linen from the kit along with some silver seed beads and coordinating WoolyWire.  Usually I am stingy with WoolyWire, but here I kept wrapping and used a whole package.  Above the bead cap, I used a couple of beads from the kit and pulled it all together with grey glass pearls.

DT pearlsIt’s always fun to use Andrew’s kits, and I really enjoy these challenges!  So thank you, Andrew.  Now please go visit the other participants to see what they made with their kits by clicking on the links below.

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