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It’s nice to have a few go-to pieces of jewelry that you can always rely on.  They go with everything, and they are always easy to wear.  I recently made myself a necklace like this.

I use the term “made” loosely as all I did was purchase some beautiful Growth & Wisdom pendants by Julie Wong Sontag of Uglibeads and put them on a gorgeous chain by Shannon German of Miss Fickle Media.

UglibeadsAt first I just put the pendants – I got the two red together and the yellow/orange/blue one later – on the chain to see how it looked.  I thought perhaps I’d do something different with one or more of them later.

But they look so good together, and I love wearing them.  Julie says about this series of mini-pendats: “plant a seed for growth; share a nugget of wisdom”.  I like that.  The chain is long, and I can touch the pendants throughout the day like a talisman or worry stone.  The flattish yellow and red speckled looking one has a great texture.  The red spot on the round one on the left is so smooth. The colorful droplet shaped one in the middle has raised green dots on the other side.

I find myself wearing this necklace often and loving the beautiful simplicity of it. I love the generous color and texture of these organic looking pendants. I love the look and feel of the hand patina on the simple ball chain.  When I can’t quite find the right necklace to wear and time is getting short, I can always grab this one and be happy all day that I’ve chosen it.