A while ago I bought a Jade Scott book pendant intending to make it into a necklace for my sister, a librarian.  I held onto it for a long time dithering about which beads to use and then finally made a short necklace which wasn’t ideal for her current wardrobe.

So of course I held onto the necklace for some more months.  I’m the worst at remaking anything.  I originally used some very small faceted labradorite.  I didn’t have enough to make the necklace longer with just those.  Also, I always want to put things on some sort of fiber rather than wire.  However, the pendant is small which means I want to use small beads.  Small gemstones generally have small holes.  So I vacillated and stalled and wavered (my general jewelry making techniques.)

Finally, today family members, including my sister, went to the Art Fair on the Square. I decided to use that time to, among other things, remake the necklace. My sister is always very appreciative of jewelry that I make for her, but she rarely gives any preference on style, color or any sort of design.  I find making jewelry for other people, even those easily satisfied and non-demanding, stressful.  That is why I tend to just make for myself to keep it fun.

And without further delay:

Sarah's necklace bookI decided to stick with labradorite.  I had two strands of this shape which was also bigger.  I wanted to add some color and was looking at my collection of seed beads.  I had this most excellent mix that I thought really complemented the pendant.  I also happened to get those in Jade Scott’s shop.  She sells not only her wonderful pendants and components, but beautiful jewelry and sometimes a great selection of beads.

I have great respect for people who do custom work well.  It took me months to make this one very simple necklace for a relative who asked for nothing specific! But in the end it did turn out cute, and she likes it.