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I often make things I don’t like but I don’t know exactly why.  I wonder whether I would like them better if someone else made them.  I like the parts.

urban raku full 1I absolutely LOVE the bracelet bar by Jennifer Wrassmann Pottner of Urban Raku that I got on the Ceramic Art Bead Market.  I love raku, and this is my favorite kind – rusty and crusty looking.  It is so beautiful.  I decided to get over my fear of dark wire – my favorite kind when others use it – and used that to connect some great crusty amber, old red glass and yellow African glass.  I finished it off with a Miss Fickle Media clasp.

So why don’t I like it?  I tried to analyze it and came up with a few things.  I think there is too much negative space.  I need to connect my wire loops directly without jump rings.  Possibly even just make simple loops rather than wrapped loops.  I need smaller jump rings to connect the bracelet bar to the rest of the bracelet.  Possibly I should just make my own with the same wire.

I made this necklace last week with some turquoise beads I won from Halcraft.

Halcraft turquoiseI’ve been planning a red and turquoise necklace since I got the beads.  I actually made this necklace twice and didn’t like either one.  Why don’t I like it?  It doesn’t lay right at all.  Neither did the first one.  I need to stop trying to wing it and actually look at the type of necklace I am going for and read some instructions.  When I went to the Halcraft page to get the link for this post, a necklace tutorial with the look I need is right there on their page.  Thanks, Halcraft!

Instead of my usual tactic of abandoning these projects, I figured out what would make them better.  Now I just have to take the time to work on them. I’ve never liked having to remake things, but I am learning to be patient and do what needs to be done to create the pieces I really want.  And I really want the versions of these two pieces that are in my head.