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Erin Praiz-Hintz is a artist I admire very much.  Her jewelry is meaningful, unique and absolutely gorgeous.  Among other artistic endeavors, she has a line of components called Simple Truths.  A couple of years ago, she decided to make things for her Simple Truths Sampler Club that are inspired by the piece of art featured each month on the Art Bead Scene blog.

I had wanted to join the Simple Truths Sampler Club from the time I first heard of it.  It seemed a bit extravagant; for some reason it’s easier to spend the same money in little bits than all at once.  But I found myself buying Simple Truths from Erin whenever I got the chance anyway.

As she began employing new techniques and making ever more fabulous pieces each month, I could resist no longer.  I love the idea of getting a surprise bead every month, and I know I love all of her work so I would never be disappointed.  In the same way the Art Bead Scene challenges and encourages jewelry artists (and bead artists like Erin herself) to push themselves and go places they might not otherwise, getting a bead I didn’t pick out myself means the same growth for me.

Totem BeadsThese beads inspired by the painting Haida Totems by Emily Carr, the March Art Bead Scene monthly challenge, are what finally pushed me over the edge.  In a good way.  I joined the Simple Truths Sampler Club and was lucky because Erin offered me the choice to start in March (yes, please!) or April.

bead table totemNot too long after I got the totem beads, I fell in love with some Russian blue trade beads and thought that they would go well together.  Of course, the rest of the design was up in the air and changed a bit from my original idea and the things I brought to my bead table.

Totem necklace

Totem Beads by Erin Prais-Hintz, copper pendant by Two Sisters Designss on etsy

I love the way this turned out.  It looks so great on and is getting closer to the chunky look I’ve been designing (in my head) lately.

What is great about the Simple Truths Sampler Club?  I love being surprised by a gorgeous art bead each month.  I love getting in on the growth of a wonderful artist working with new techniques and ideas.  I love that even if I haven’t gotten a chance to take part in the Art Bead Scene challenge that month, getting a bead inspired by the artwork means I’ll get to revisit the challenge later.

Along with the bead each month, club members get a letter describing Erin’s inspiration and process.  It is fascinating!  I am so pleased I joined.