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sweethoneychallengeAndrew Thornton hosts wonderful challenges with beautiful kits he puts together and sells through Allegory Gallery.  Today is the reveal for the Sweet Honey Challenge.  If you click on that previous link, you can see I purloined my kit photo from Andrew’s blog because I forgot to take my own.


Photo by Andrew Thornton

Kits also include a special Mystery Component handmade by Andrew.  This time it is a honeycomb pendant that looks like honey is flowing out of it.  Magnificent!

SweetHoneyMCAs it happens, the morning I was going to start working with the kit, I was looking over the contents of a mystery bag of beads I got from one of Andrew’s destash sales.  I love a good mish mash of odds and ends, and I spotted a glass flower in a perfect color for the kit.  It looks like it is made of honey!  I took it up to my studio with me to see what I could come up with.

I decided to use the waxed linen and primarily the chip beads to create a multistrand necklace for the flower pendant.  I’ve been seeing a lot of multistrand necklaces using this style of bead lately (even if it’s only on my own Pinterest board) and I really like it.  At first I was regretting that I had not made the strands longer so they could go all the way back, but I wouldn’t have had enough of these beads anyway.  I was running low on the darker color and found a few that could match from my stash.

SweetHoneyFlowerNecklaceIn the end, I love the added leather.  The color is so similar to the flower it keeps bringing your eye back to front.  Also, it gives the piece more balance because the flower is sort of heavy in reality and visually.  I also got to practice my novice riveting skills and used one of my own handmade clasps.  As a final touch, I added the tiny bee charm from the kit as a dangle in front of the flower.  I am very pleased with this necklace.  It will go with everything and has just enough of a hippie vibe.  I’m so glad I got that flower!

Very often with Allegory Gallery challenges, I don’t add in a lot of outside beads.  It’s simply not necessary.  However, it does challenge me a bit more to think of what might go with the kit.  In this instance, I didn’t have to think very hard.  I have a Green Girl Studios bee pendant that actually says “Sweet Honey” on the back.  How could I resist?

sweethoneyGGbackI used the clear honey color cubes from the kit along with two sizes of opaque colored cubes from my stash.  The colors made it look very summery to me, a nice time for the bees.  I also used flowers and various round from the kit and knotted it all on waxed linen.

SweetHoneyGGnecklaceI wanted to use the Mystery Component, but I haven’t been able to formulate a good enough idea yet.  So that will have to wait for another day.

That is it from me.  Thanks, as always, to Andrew for putting together such a lovely kit.  Please have a look at what other participants created by clicking on the links below.

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Andrew Thornton, Kate Enniss-Reid, and Sandi Bass: