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I got this leather half moon focal on Melinda Orr‘s Facebook page where she does studio destash.  I love destash because it lets me try new or unusual things at a reduced price, so it makes me more adventurous.


The focal is textured, painted leather and really fun.  It came without holes, so I punched my own.  That is one of the things that makes me hesitant when trying new things.  I have a leather punch, but since I haven’t used it much, I worry I will punch in the wrong place.  I have to admit part of the reason is that I know I’m not much for measuring.  I’m more an eyeball it kind of gal.  That worked out ok here, but I’d like to develop the patience to be more precise with my work.

bandanagirlfullI also got these orange square crystals in a destash.  Andrew Thornton has the most wonderful destashes.  His offerings are very eclectic, and it is fun to build my stash with such a variety of materials.

I’m really pleased with this necklace, but I feel like I need a different wardrobe for the jewelry I’m making.  I see this with a nice white linen summer dress. There is nothing like that in my closet.  I notice that the jewelry I’m making now would go perfectly with the clothing I used to wear: J Jill, Flax, and Oh My Gauze.  I would never spend that sort of money on clothing now because, among other things, it would cut into my bead buying!