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Today is the reveal for Andrew Thornton‘s Frenzied Motion Challenge.

frenziedmotionchallengeAndrew offers challenge kits through Allegory Gallery.  If you want one, you better be quick when he announces it.  They go fast.  So I don’t even think about whether or not I “like” the colors; I just order.  This kit was one of the times when the colors didn’t resonate with me immediately, but I was not concerned.  Andrew knows what he is doing, and I knew it would coalesce in my mind soon enough.  Here is my kit (with Andrew’s very cool Mystery Component in the upper left corner):

FrenziedMotionKitAs I thought about the kit after I got it, my mom and I were reminiscing about some dichroic connectors we got years ago.  We bought just one each time we visited Funky Hannah’s bead shop because at the time we thought $5 per bead was expensive.  Of course we find that hilarious now.  Mine had never worked out in anything, but I realized they would fit right in with this kit.

BeadLoveFMBraceletI chose one connector as the focal for a bracelet.  I was amazed at how many supplies I had in this color scheme and feel.  I wanted the bracelet to be fun and have a bit of the whirling dance club feel Andrew had in mind when he created the kit.  In addition to colored chain on one side, I added some sparkly aluminum chain on the other side and used beads from the kit for dangles.  I even had jump rings in this color family!  This bracelet is flirty and fun.  I wish the picture did it justice.  It feels great on, and the dangles do dance as I move. I really feel like I hit the mark. Challenge met!

The bracelet was the second idea I had.  The first was a necklace featuring the pink polymer rounds Andrew made for the kit.  I wanted it to be really colorful and have a very bohemian feeling.  My inspiration was seeing this picture on the Folt Bolt Facebook page.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make anything so detailed, but I hoped to come up with something colorful that would please me, and I did!  It was kind of hard to get a good picture, so I have several mediocre pictures instead to give you a sense of it.


I used some waxed linen from the kit to hang the electroplated quartz point and one of Andrew’s polymer beads with a brass bell from my stash.  Then I used more of the linen to string a variety of beads from the kit and my stash, including the other two pink polymer rounds. I added a length of blue dangle chain to make it a double strand and give it some of the texture and movement I wanted.

BeadLoveFMnecklaceclaspI also used some African vinyl beads in bright colors throughout the strand and to finish the back along with moonglow lucite from the kit.  I added an elephant clasp.  These colors remind me of the bright adornments used to dress elephants for festivals in India.


Although I had planned on making it more than two strands, I could feel it getting too fussy, and I decided to leave well enough alone.  Even though I didn’t connect with it right away, this kit became one of my favorites.  That is the wonderful thing about challenges!

Thanks to Andrew Thornton for another wonderful kit and challenge.  Please click on the links below to see what the rest of the participants made with their kits.  I know I can’t wait!

Andrew Thornton, Laurel Ross, Joanne Goldberg, Lisa Mendum http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/