For a long time I have been trying to mix more expensive and less expensive materials to a pleasing result.  First, because if I only use expensive materials I can’t afford to make as many things.  Second, because I think it’s a creative challenge to take less expensive materials and make them look great.  More recently, I have been wanting to make chunkier pieces and looking for old (or old looking) larger pendants.

These two desires recently came together.  Kandu Beads had a really great sale on a pendant of just the sort I want, so I bought it.


Around the same time, I ordered some melon shaped howlite tubes from Sam’s Bead Shop on Facebook.  Howlite is something I have shied away from in the past, but I found this shape and size of bead very pleasing.  I also liked the crackle effect.  I added two styles of red beads my mom gave me along with some sterling rounds and silver spacers I’ve had for many years.  The howlite works well because it is light and the pendant is quite heavy.

KandupendantfullI wanted the whole necklace to have an old look like the pendant.  I think I achieved that by mixing the howlite with the crustier red beads and silver.  I love this pendant and am pretty pleased with how this necklace came out.