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Many of my photos are dreadful.  Sometimes I don’t even want to share my work because I can’t get a decent photo of it.  I live in Wisconsin, and we are not known for our good light.  I’m using my iPhone for a camera and don’t anticipate changing that. I’ve been thinking of getting or making a light box for a while, but which one?

beadchesttestRecently I saw a Facebook post by Heather Powers of Humblebeads praising the Foldio.  I figure she has taken plenty of good jewelry photos!  Plus, in checking it out, it was affordable, ultra easy to set up and use (I’m extremely impatient) and very portable.

beadbeadsAll of the photos in this post were taken shortly after I opened the foldio and set it up without even really reading the few sentences of instructions.  It was extremely easy to use, and already these pictures, such as the one of the bean beads above by Heather Millican of swoondimples, are better than most of the photos I’ve ever taken.  And these were taken at night.  I just had to post right away because I’m so excited to have this tool!

fancifuldevicesI’ll still need to practice to get good at avoiding shadows and keeping my hand steady. Above is a gorgeous pendant by Marina Rios of Fanciful Devices.  The photo could use some improvement, but I think I wouldn’t have gotten one this good without the Foldio  because the image is covered with mica and difficult to photograph.

JanelGoolsbyI’ll also need to experiment with the different background colors.  These beads by Janel Goolsby of Jera Luna Designs look great on this white background (although it looks a little grey).  All but the heart were totally washed out when I tried them on black.

BeadGalleryturqKitThis is a bead kit I won from Halcraft USA. When I got it yesterday, I posted a photo of it on Facebook.  I took it at night in my kitchen (the best light in the house until the Foldio came along) and it didn’t show true to color at all.  It came out very green.  Here I took a picture at around the same time at night in the Foldio, and it is a much better representation of what the beads really look like.

Here are a few tests on the black background.

roundrabbitblacktestBlack and white pendant by Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit.

starryroadstudioConnector by Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio.

pesoCoin someone anonymously put on my desk at work. I don’t know if they intended for me to use it in jewelry, but that’s where it’s probably headed.

I think the black background will be the hardest to use.  I also seem to end up taking pictures that are closer and I’m not used to adjusting them yet.  But I’m excited about how I will be able to improve my pictures and take photos when I have time rather than always trying to find light and take pictures only when I happen to be home during the day.