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I’ve been wanting to make a wrapped bangle bracelet for some time.  So things finally came together just recently to allow me to do it.  I happened upon the perfect size and shape bracelet form when I was ordering some other stuff from JKD Studio.  Andrew Thornton included an extra sample of sari silk in a recent order from Allegory Gallery.   They have a wonderful selection of hand dyed sari silk in the store.  It is gorgeous.  I want to say thank you to anyone who ever sends me anything extra.  It makes it easier for me to use things rather than hoard them. I have some horror of running out of jewelry making supplies.  This doesn’t apply anywhere else in my life, and there is no basis for this fear, but having “extra” of anything helps allow me to use it.

Anywho, I vaguely followed this tutorial by Jennifer Jangles.  It doesn’t look half as nice in these pictures as in person.  I’m pretty happy with it!


I used beads left over from my Noble Knight kit from one of the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges.

bangleleaningI always find it difficult to take photos of bracelets, but these came out ok. There was even some light today!

bangleonbundleThis is also one of the first times that my messy wrap has pleased me at all.  I should actually read tutorials instead of just look at pictures.  I did have some pokey ends of wire that I just looped on the end like memory wire, although I used 22 gauge wire for ease of wrapping.


I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun wearing this.  I can’t wait for short sleeve weather (a.k.a. bracelet weather to me).  It was also fun to make something different.