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I was probably one of the last people to hear the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, but I loved it from the first listen.  It really sounded like I felt most of the time.  That same day I was looking at beads by Mindy MacGregor of Moogin and saw her hot air balloon beads.  How perfect!  A line from the song is “I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space.”  Honestly, that is how being happy can feel, especially when it’s about nothing specific.  That’s my favorite kind.

I designed a necklace based on the song and the balloon bead.  I had some other things to collect that I did over time in my lackadaisical way.  I got some iolite nuggets that I knew would go great with the blue in the lampwork.  That was nearly a year ago.  I knew I wanted a metal piece stamped with the word “happy.”  I happened upon that last June from Marcie Abney Carroll of La Bella Joya from her fabulous line that upcycles laminate samples.


So after letting the idea marinate for about eight more months, today I was finally ready.  I sat down and put together my Happy Necklace that has been in my head (and possibly in a sketchbook somewhere) for a year or more.  That can be dangerous because after that long, it could be difficult for the necklace to meet expectations.  But I’m happy to say I love it!


Do you let designs hang around in your head a long time before you make them?