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I fell in love with this skeleton key pendant by Andrew Thornton the second I saw it.  I love the design contrast of elegance (long shape and gold color) versus the skeleton key motif (more rustic or mundane.)  Add in the whimsy of the skeleton key having an actual scull face, and I am in love.  It is 14 kt gold plate over pewter, and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

ATGoldKeyAndrew also has a destash group on Facebook.  I used to see people mention it in blog posts when referring to some beautiful and unique materials they used, and I finally checked it out.  I recently got some white vintage Japanese glass peanut style beads from the destash.  A couple years ago I wasn’t a big fan of white beads.  A flip switched in my brain and now white beads are some of my favorites.  I really think these glass beads (and white beads in general) are very elegant as well and thought they would make a good pairing with the skeleton key pendant.


I had an idea that I’d put another bead with it above the pendant, perhaps a pop of color.  I looked through my stash and ultimately settled on a sort of rustic looking brown and gray bead by JoAnne Zekowski.  It looked nice but unecessary, so I removed it.  I just love the simplicity of the white beads and the gold key.  It looks and feels right to me.  I will really enjoy wearing this piece.


I have to be more careful when I use my tree stump to take pictures.  It’s a great background, but it isn’t full on one side.  I need to make sure I have a solid surface under it.  I think you are seeing the bottom of my curtain or something there.  I’m always hovering next to the patio doors trying to get some light for photos (when it’s too snowy to go outside.)  However, I wanted to show the necklace on a darker background as well.  It is one of my goals this year to get or make a light box.