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The Art Bead Scene January Challenge inspiration art was immediately exciting to me. A jumble of bright colors, Imagine Tomorrow’s World (orange version) by Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a wonderful work.


Copyrighted artwork – shown only as inspiration

I thought making something would be easy as the the inspiration pieces I love on sight often present an idea right away.  I did think immediately of beads I have in the bull’s-eye pattern as well as orange beads.  Although the poster is busy, my first attempts had too much going on to work.  I tried several different construction methods, including Irish waxed linen.  I liked that idea the best (in theory) because I chose black linen and it would surround the colorful beads like the black border surrounds the picture.  Alas, it did not work out.


I decided I needed to simplify, and the art beads I ultimately chose are by Diane Hawkey and Genea.  I focused on the colors purple, orange and turquoise and the bull’s-eye design.  I did manage to work in a tiny piece of the black linen to dangle Genea’s lampwork beads from Diane Hawkey’s connector.

I also used purple glass beads with small vintage turquoise beads as spacers and sections of tiny faceted gemstones in orange and purple.  I kept trying to work more art beads into the front of the piece, but the necklace was not interested.  So I used some orange textured tube beads that remind me of the lined orange columns.  I still feel like the piece is a little busy, but not in a way that takes away from the things I wanted to focus on.


The very first beads I thought of when I saw the inspiration piece were some paper beads my Mom gave me.  Aren’t they perfect?  When I read more about the inspiration piece, I really wanted to include these recycled paper beads because the poster was for a conservation organization to raise money for their environmental projects.

paperdiscsI did manage to keep one of these as part of the clasp in the back.  I was so pleased to be able to use one, bring a little interest to the back of the necklace, and continue the bull’s-eye motif.

Thanks for another great challenge, ABS!